From 26 to 30 November

72 films

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Meetings with filmmakers and actors

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From 27 to 29 November

76 films

Venue: Karo Sky 17



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Breaking Down Barriers

X international inclusive festival Breaking Down Barriers is a unique festival that tells about the life of people with disabilities, their victories and defeats, their daily concerns and incredible stories. This festival tells about people, each of whom has an amazing life.

This year, due to the difficult epidemiological situation, our festival will be held in a mixed format: online and offline. If you don’t feel well, we would kindly ask you to stay at home. You’ll have an opportunity to take part in the activities online. If you’re sure that you’re healthy and if you follow all precautions (masks, gloves, sanitizers), we invite you to our offline screenings.

The offline screenings will take place at the KARO Sky cinema 17, in the Aviapark shopping and entertainment centre from 27 to 29 November. Registration for each session is required due to the 25% occupancy limit. Every offline screening is available for 100 people only. The registration for offline screenings will open no later than November 24, you’ll find the links on the festival website.

All precautions will be followed in the cinema. To obtain social distancing, visitors will be allowed to attend the screenings only wearing masks and gloves; sanitizers will be provided.

Online screenings, as well as discussions and workshops will be held from November 26 to 30 on the film festival website. To watch the films, please register. The films will be available for watching during all festival days from 26 to 30 November. You can freely connect to all broadcasts of discussions on the festival website and on YouTube. Additional registration will be opened for workshops. The schedule of discussions and workshops will be published no later than November 24.

Денис РозаDenise Roza, director of Breaking Down Barriers film festival and regional society of disabled people Perspektiva:
«Although we say that the festival is dedicated to films about people with disabilities, in fact, it’s just about people – about their destinies that are so different, about their relations, feelings, and, of course, it’s about love. This is the most important message of our film festival – to show that people with disabilities are like everybody else: they also want to have an active and interesting life, they want to fall in love, make friends and be creative».