About the festival

Perspektiva, a Russian Disability NGO, is now accepting submissions for the 10th International Disability Film Festival «Breaking Down Barriers». The festival will take place in Moscow from November 5 to 9, 2020.

During the first nine festivals more than 800 films from 55 countries were screened. More than 15 000 people attended Moscow’s festivals and more than 100,000 people in 30 regions of Russia attended regional festivals. Festivals also took place in Armenia, the Kirgiz Republic, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Finally, Perspektiva and its partners continue to use these films to educate people in their communities about a wide variety of disability issues.

Nominations of the 10th International Disability Film Festival «BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS»: 

  1. Best Feature Film
  2. Best Short Feature Film
  3. Best Feature Documentary
  4. Best Short Documentary
  5. Best Animation
  6. Best Film about Shattering Stereotypes
  7. Most Uplifting
  8. Best Children’s Film
  9. Best Film about Disability Rights
  10. Best Director
  11. Best Cinematography
  12. Best Actor
  13. Best Actress
  14. Jury prize
  15. Audience‘s Favorite

All works submitted for the Breaking Down Barriers Film Festival should portray a disability issue. We accept the following film categories: Feature Narrative, Short Narrative, Documentary, Animation, Public Service Announcements, and encourage the submission of films that have been produced by and with the close participation of persons with disabilities. We also encourage films, made by film school students. We will also have a special prize for the best short film, made by a team of children with and without disabilities. All works that are not in Russian should be submitted with English sub-titles or captions. Transcripts and photos should also be included.

For journalists: Elena Samsonova, head of PR Department NGO «Perspektiva»,