✔ Приз жюри

Who is Going to Be My Husband?

Everyone predicted she would become the Coco Chanel of the 21st Century. Instead, a high fence separates her from the world after a car accident. But is Nastya ready to make compromises and lower her demands in order to find the love of her life.


✔ Лучшая операторская работа (документальный фильм)

True Smile

True Smile is the story about a trip through the empty glance of an autistic and blind boy who crosses 1,300 kilometers on a tandem bicycle with his brother. This documentary inmerses us into Sergio's unreachable world in the desert that is their final destination.


✔ Лучший актер

The Rainbow Kid

The Rainbow Kid is a gritty coming of age story that follows Eugene, a teenager with Down syndrome, on the journey of his life. Obsessed with rainbows, whether it’s their beauty, their symbolism, or the myths that surround them, this obsession acts as an escape from his real life, whi...


✔ Специальный приз–упоминание председателя жюри кинофестиваля

The Pineapple

Gennady is a shy and private person. But after he is hurt in a car accident, his life changes dramatically. He gets around in a wheelchair and is happy that there are now a lot of people who want to help him. Gennady hides the fact that he no longer needs to use a wheelchair. Doctors ...


✔ Специальный приз

The Community Reporter. Travels in London

Ksenya, a wheelchair user and young film maker, travels to London to get answers to the question: Is London ready for a journalist in a wheelchair?


✔ Лучший короткометражный игровой фильм

The blue eyed boy

What if you could see the world blue? Blue Eyed Boy explores this concept through the narrative of a young village boy who sees the world only through the color blue. His traditional family, worried about his bizarre condition, take him to the doctors who confirm the boy is healthy. ...


✔ Лучший фильм, ломающий стереотипы

Take Me

Mani has been working as a caregiver in a center for people with disabilities. His job is to meet the needs and demands of the residents, for example, to bathe them daily. But among these duties, he must also provide support for residents in the "intimacy room" where residents can go ...


✔ Лучший анимационный фильм


Most of his classmates think the new kid at school is kind of weird – he’s in a wheelchair and he can’t speak or move his hands and legs. But that’s not the way Maria sees it. Just because you can’t kick a ball doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to play soccer. And you certainly don’t hav...


✔ Лучший документальный короткометражный фильм


Meia Lua, who lives in a shanty town in Brazil, has become paralyzed in both legs after a medical error. This new reality is hard for Meia Lua to come to terms with and he struggles with strong feelings of shame and low self-esteem. With time, he realizes that what really paralyzes hi...


✔ Гран–при

Patrick's Day

Patrick (Moe Dunford) is a 26-year-old schizophrenic young man, who goes missing in the middle of the St. Patrick's Day festivities in Dublin, much to the alarm of his English mother Maura (Kerry Fox).


✔ Лучший фильм о правах людей с инвалидностью

No Limbs, No Limits

This is the extraordinary and awe-inspiring life story of Irish born Joanne O’Riordan. Joanne has a rare physical disability known as Total Amelia, one of seven known people in the world who was born without all four limbs. Directed by her brother Steven O' Riordan and narrated by Ton...


✔ Лучший фильм для детей

My Life: It Takes Two

Twins Imogen and Amelia prepare to dance in the prestigious Blackpool Tower Ballroom. They are the only twins in the UK with Achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, but Imogen and Amelia aren’t going to let being smaller hold them back from achieving their dancing dreams!


✔ Лучший актер✔ Лучший полнометражный игровой фильм

My Feral Heart

A sudden bereavement throws Luke, a fiercely independent young man with Down’s syndrome, into a daunting new environment where he finds unexpected support from his feisty, streetwise carer and a local heir dealing with his own demons. As friendships bloom and long-buried secrets are r...


✔ Лучший фильм для детей

Marina's ocean

A group of countryside students are preparing a special trip to the beach. Marina, a 15-year-old girl with Down Syndrome has a strong wish to visit the sea for the first time. Forbidden to travel with the other kids, Marina starts her own journey towards the Atlantic Ocean.


✔ Лучший документальный полнометражный фильм


This is the amazing story of Ion, a visually handicapped man born under Ceausescu's regime in Romania. Thanks to his extraordinary hearing skills, he works today for the phone-tapping department at the Belgian federal Police. The film also explores the exodus and the beautiful but dra...


✔ Лучшая операторская работа (художественный фильм)


"Forgotten" is a love story about two people with hearing impairments. The main character is the director of a sign language theater who asks for a divorce from his wife since he has begun a love affair with an actress in his theater. His wife agrees to give him a divorce, but with on...


✔ Приз зрительских симпатий

Every 88th

A young Soviet soldier dies on the battle field. He wanted to survive but instead he ended up in another world, a world that no one ever writes about. All of his values and memories remain in the past and he waits for his ticket to a new life and hopes that he will be happy there...


✔ Лучшая режиссерская работа

Becoming bulletproof

A diverse group of disabled people from across the US take on leading roles in a magical rip roaring costume drama Western, filmed on vintage Hollywood locations. This riveting film within a film immerses us in a dynamic, inclusive world of discipline and play, raising questions about...


✔ Лучшая актриса


Anna, who is chronically ill, is visited by Doreen, a door to door proselytizer who makes herself at home and stays the day, slowly defrosting her non-welcome. Together, they walk in the park, bake a cake and watch an Ingmar Bergman film. Both women are blind, played by blind actors (...


✔ Самый жизнеутверждающий фильм

At eye level

Michael, an 11-year-old boy, lives in an orphanage and has to fight every day to win the respect of the other kids. Then one day, he finds out who his father is and writes him a letter. His dad, Tom, happens to be a persons of short stature and is even shorter than Michael, but he wan...