• Country: Russia
  • Year: 2022
  • Author: Yanna Mazazolina
  • Time: 00:19:00

Max built a rocket and dreams of flying into space. He wants to become the first child in space, thereby getting the attention and love from his mother. His friends from an orphanage, Vika and Pashka, want Max to stay, and they consider his idea stupid and dangerous. They steal a strange suitcase from the train station, hoping to find a «galaxy» for Max there. But instead, they find an unusual little boy who does not want to get out of his suitcase because the «outside» world seems too loud, bright and incomprehensible to him. His mother is desperately trying to find a suitcase with her son, whom she loves very much and who has autism. The friends decide that he is an «alien» and try to return him to his mother, but they face difficulties that either bring them together, or maybe separate them forever.

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