By Stanley for Stanley

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By Stanley for Stanley
  • Country: Poland
  • Year: 2017
  • Author: Monika Melen
  • Time: 00:54:00
  • 6+

This is a powerful film about the power of friendship and the joy of life. The two main characters, besides being of a different age, are both disabled. Staś is a little child and Stanisław is a mature man. Stanisław is an artist, whose passion and profession is painting. The man patiently explains to the young child what is important in life and how to cope with the simplest daily activities, which may be troublesome for the young child. He also teaches him how to be strong and despite all odds, how to enjoy life and take from it as much as possible. Every day the two men prove to the world that any goal can be achieved, despite disabilities, when you are determined.

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